EDI for ITM 

EDI for ITM Suppliers -


TimberXchange (Tx) is a well-established EDI provider which has been successfully delivering supplier invoices to ITM since 2011.

some of the Suppliers already using Tx to send invoices include

 ATS Timber, Claymark, Clelands, Davis Sawmilling, Harrier Sheds, Hume Pine, ITI (NZ), Kiwi Lumber, Lumberbank, Lumbercorp Huntly, Mitchell Bros, Niagara Sales and Distribution, Northpine, Northsawn, Pine Products, Red Stag, Rosenfeld Kidson, Rosvall, Stuart Timber, Sutherlands, Taranaki Sawmills, Timberlink, and Crightons.

What is the deal?

Transaction costs

Minimum cahrges

Working with ITM, we have developed a simple invoice entry function within our TimberXchange portal. This will enable ITM suppliers to either manually key in invoices, or upload them as CSV files; and will then post them to ITM via their SPS EDI partner.

ITM have agreed to fund our setup fees for those suppliers that sign up before the end of the year. Our cost to you as an ITM supplier will then just be our monthly licence fees. These are 10c per invoice, and 4.5c per invoice line; with a minimum monthly charge of NZ$50.

We can also assist any suppliers to ITM who would prefer an EDI solution that is more tightly integrated into their own ERP systems, please contact us to discuss further.

How to get underway

Talk to us

Contact sales@timbersmart.co.nz or call us at 09 448 1020