NZ Timber Industry Booming

NZ Timber Industry up and running

For reasons unknown, the New Zealand timber industry was not regarded as an essential service (with the exception of minor activity preparing product such as pallets and bins for the food industry) and as a result it was closed down over the Covid19 level 4 lockdown period. With the move back down from level 4 to level 3, mill production units have been able to re-open and response has been positive. It seems that staff have come back from the lockdown refreshed and keen to go; likewise customers were able to plan new projects over the lockdown period.

The end result is that the timber supply chain is reporting activity levels higher than those for the same period 12 months previously.

There is some concern that activity might drop off towards the end of the year, however for now all is as good.
TimberSmart Ltd was open to support our customers throughout the lockdown period and continues to provide support as we move forward.

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