Tristan Rudden
March 4, 2024

Getting hacked is without a doubt a disaster for any organisation! One of the easiest ways to get through your organisations IT defences is to simply ask some employees for their login details… The act of impersonating a legitimate organisation and asking for details such as username passwords is commonly known as phishing.
Phishing attempts are very common because they work. Some attempts are really realistic and would likely trick most of us into giving out personal information without even realising. The good thing about phishing is that it requires you to action it. If we are careful and know what to look for we can prevent these attacks, however, all it takes is one stressed employee that blindly clicks on a link to grant access to your organisation’s sensitive data.
Here are TimberSmart’s tips that your organisation should consider in order to keep your IT system safe.


The best way to prevent phishing is to create phishing awareness within your organisation. Send safe-simulated hacking attempts to your fellow co-workers. This not only points out what users need to be aware of but also raises awareness about the reality of the attacks.
It’s so easy to send out a simulated test to your organisation to see how they do. Here is how you do it:

Check out KnowBe4 they provide a safe Phishing simulator test for your organisation with predesigned templates to use along with a report to see how everyone did during the test.

We ran through a few simple simulated phishing e-mails at TimberSmart, we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of awareness a simple test like this created amongst our employees. The ‘Phishing Security Test’ is a great way to promote awareness with an example and provides a tracked report of how vulnerable your organisation is.For more information on how to set this test up have a look at these instructions. You will need about half an hour to prepare it and load the e-mail addresses that you would like to include in the test. Here is TimberSmart’s trial test sent out to some of our staff members.

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