Handheld Stocktake

The TimberSmart Handheld Stocktake System is a valuable addition to the TimberSmart inventory Management system. There are two options; using a handhelld computer with built in near far scanning engine, or using a tablet linked to a bluetooth scanner. In the former, current stocks are updated from the TimberSmart inventory management system to the hand held device which allows stocks to be checked during physical stocktake. The handheld is linked back to the TS system either by WIFI connection or by docking. In the latter the tablet can either be linked live to the TS database or it can also be docked where relliable WIFI is not available.


  • Full system stocks uploaded to the handheld.
  • Full stock takes or stock take by location, grade or any packet attribute.
  • Recounts per location and row.
  • Reduction of error as there is no need to collate and re-enter data in TimberSmart.
  • Scan or enter packet numbers.
  • Fast transfer of data once recorded.