TCMS is a cloud-based solution to manage the business of containerising and shipping logs. 



TCMS is a one-stop system which manages all processes associated with exporting logs, using containers or break bulk shipments.
The system covers 5 key areas: supply logistics, yard management, commercial agreements, shipping, and financials & reporting.

Key Functions of Tcms

Supply Management

The supply logistics part of the system manages the flow of logs from the forest into the log yard including consideration of:
  • Forest/harvesting area
  • Log harvesting
  • Log cartage
This information is reflected in the delivery/supply arrangement for each cutting area.

Yard Management

Yard management includes management of the logs from arrival at the yard, ticketing, scaling, location in beds, Bed management, and eventually containerising according to packing plan.
TCMS gives the yard manager perspective on stock age and location in the yard!
Checks built into the system enable accurate data entry. Scanners and tablets connect directly with the database to enable interaction with real-time data. In addition, because the application runs on a range of devices the data can be entered or viewed remotely or from the office.

Commercial agreements

Documents associated with log sales (LSA) are saved as attachments and available when required. No spreadsheet clusters; all documents and reports are kept in one place.

Order Fulfilment/Shipping Logistics

Shipment bookings are tentatively made when voyage information is loaded. Containers are ordered to meet the terms of each LSA, a packing plan is generated, and containers are loaded from relevant log beds to meet the requirements of the packing plan. Full containers are uplifted and transported to the wharf according to the voyage. Appropriate documentation is available from the system to meet the requirements of each voyage.

Financial and reporting

You own the data so reporting can be as comprehensive as required; subject to the information being available in the system. A range of standard reports are available with the system utilising the functionality of SQL reporting services. This means specific reports can be made available and sent as required to nominated recipients e.g. forest owner, harvesting contractor, and carrier. Likewise, buyer generated invoices can be created by, and sent from the system.
The system will integrate with most modern accounting systems for further accounting purposes.

Benefits of our system

Flags and warnings

Error checking is built into the application which enables high quality data.

Log counting software

Software to automatically count logs from images. Save minutes on every docket which means the yard staff have more time for yard activities.

proof of stock by images

TCMS enables stock images to be saved at stages throughout the process to provide proof of stock status to buyers, contractors, and shipping companies.

Operate on any device

TCMS is a cloud-based solution which runs on a browser. This means it can operate on a range of devices, and also means that the crew can operate independently in the yard without the need to come back to the office to input data.

All your data is in 1 place

No need for multiple services and tools in different locations, TCMS includes all data in a single system.

Information transparency

Flexible reporting available on scheduled basis to relevant parties – forest owners, contractors, without requirement for manual intervention.

Own your data!

This System can do everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use. Use it when on the go!