TimberSmart sales System

Generate Quotes and Sales Orders on the move and easily view your TimberSmart data from a browser.


Your TimberSmart system runs with a user interface which is accessed via a Remote Desktop (RDP) connection. This provides an elegant solution when in an office or mill environment; however when operating remotely, or outside of New Zealand this may not work so well. To overcome that issue we have developed browser based related functionality around the sales area; packet enquiry, quote management, and sales order management. N.B. this system interfaces with your site TimberSmart system independently of the desktop interface.

Remote connection

In some situations it can be easier to achieve an internet connection than an RDP connection.

Mobile device access

 Single click access to data and reporting. There are fewer steps required for log in to a browser based application than an RDP application. This is of little difference when in the office or the mill however when logging onto a tablet or a phone it can make a lot of difference. This is the case particularly if in a customer’s office.


Reports using the Access user interface are static. Reports using the browser interface are interactive.​

What functionality is currently available via browser?

Standard search capabilities in the manner of pack inquiry

-Browse existing quotes
– Add new quotes
– Quote confirmation emailing
– Reporting 
     – Graphs/Dashboard

– Browse existing sales orders
– Add new sales orders
– Reporting 
   – Graphs/Dashboard

Easily access essential customer data while on the move.

want mobile access to Timbersmart?

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