Do you need to “go online”?

We are living in an age of digital transformation – whether we like it or not. As business owners we need to scramble to keep up, to examine these constantly changing technology trends and to define how we can improve our services to better match the modern consumer and their ideas of “easy shopping”.

We spend how much time online?

Nowadays the average person spends roughly 5-6 hours of every day online, and of that time a great number of hours are spent online shopping. Whether it be comparing prices on brands or finding the best online deals, we have birthed a generation of tech savvy shoppers who know what they want and when they want it. Not forgetting, they want it now. But with such demanding customers arising amid a technological revolution. How do we clear the time and space needed to maximise attraction from the modern mobile shopper? How do you maximise the amount of potential you have to capture the attention of online shoppers?

Well, the initial answers are actually reasonably easy. You need to streamline your online shopping process and you need to drive customers onto your site. Both of these are easily achievable ambitions and can result in a big boost in sales for you.

Expanding your online empire

To expand your online empire the first thing you want to do is to expand into social media. You need an account for every different page and you need a website to link it all together with. Presumably you already have those, but if you don’t then set up a website right now, and come back and read the rest of this article later.

Once you have your numerous social media accounts you need to dedicate a little time to checking them and posting on them. The internet has opened up huge lines in consumer communication. As we know, the average client is much more likely to buy from a well-known source as opposed to an unknown one. By posting to your social media pages daily you are attracting new customers with advertising that doesn’t cost you anything. It is also providing more ways for clients to get in touch with you.

Speed it up!

There’s a lot more you can do other than just an online store.

Once you get the basics sorted you can further your website by:

  • Looking for ways to make transactions quicker and easier.
  • Conduct market research to find out what your customers want.
  • Build email lists from all the customers who visit your page, whom you can then target market too on a regular basis.
  • The choices are endless, and your online domain doesn’t have to be difficult.

So next time you are looking at the traffic to your online store, remember to follow the pointers in this handy little guide and you might just find yourself better off for it! Expand into social media accounts, clean up your web page and get some email lists drawn up by inviting visitors to your page to join – and you should be well on your way to your online takeover and dealing with generation Millennial…

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