The Cloud – Moving Data Storage Online

The word “cloud” has come to mean more than a mass in the atmosphere. Since the turn of the decade, more and more businesses have adopted cloud solutions like cloud computing and cloud storage. A lot has been said about The Cloud and the promise it holds for this digital era.

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud loosely refers to the Internet. Cloud storage is a model of data storage that uses a network of servers connected by the Internet to store data. If your business decides to use cloud storage, you are basically saving your files in a remote location that you can access from anywhere using an Internet connection.

This concept is so interesting you may be wondering why every business isn’t on the cloud yet. Why is my business not on the cloud? The reason is largely lack of adequate information on the subject leading to myths and misconceptions about cloud storage. We’ll talk more about that in our next article but let’s focus on why the Cloud is gaining popularity and how it could benefit your business.

How Cloud Storage Will Benefit Your Business?

A switch to cloud storage will surely change the way your business operates for the better. This move gives businesses far reaching benefits like data safety, easy collaboration, low costs, plus they don’t need to upgrade their servers.

In remote data centers, your data is secured by the best security experts. Probably the biggest advantage is easy collaboration between your staff and teams. With the Cloud, team members can access working files from any location provided they are granted permission. This makes it very easy to outsource and manage staff working from remote locations.

Another benefit of moving to the the Cloud is for data sharing with your suppliers, retailers and directly with your customers. Online data storing is a quick solution to data storage and you or anyone in your network can get what they need easily. Retrieving data from Cloud storage is also often quicker than traditional methods which means less time waiting around for loading screens!

Cloud storage is a great way to back-up your data and it’s a good way to start your transition to cloud storage. Get started today

originally posted by: Vesta-Central