Microsoft Access vs. Microsoft SQL Server

It used to be clear cut that Microsoft Access was designed for desktop use and Microsoft SQL Server was targeted to server applications. However, as desktops are getting more powerful and SQL Server is now available in several editions (one of which is free); the line between Access and SQL has become blurred.

SQL Server is an enterprise database management system which can be very simple to use, and is superior in most areas to MS Access in terms of security, performance and extensibility (particularly where online applications are concerned). For a database platform that can grow with your needs; it is worth considering a transition from Access to SQL Server.

TimberSmart has an active programme for upgrading databases from Access to SQL. Either converting the existing Access database to a SQL database (ensuring that as much of the logic as is practical is transferred from the Access front end to the SQL database); or the Access database is replaced entirely by the new TS1 database with relevant data from the legacy Access database ported to the new database.

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