The End of App Stores

A new generation of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), now taking root on desktop computers, may soon make the jump to your smartphone, changing how you download apps — and where they come from — forever.

PWA examples

There are many features of PWAs that will essentially make app store platforms obsolete. The rise of PWAs will lessen the restrictions of living under an app store duopoly. Google Chrome has a 63% dominance in the browser market and they are investing heavily in PWAs, which leads to the assumption of the decrease in dependence on app stores. This is already apparent with major software companies such as Facebook, Spotify, Twitter WhatsApp and many more, who have already adopted PWA technology and are thriving.

In summary the reason for the change is the seamless integration from an application running within the browser that looks like a beautiful website but has functionality of an installed app. We are already spending majority of our days in browsers, so it makes sense that browsers host the next from of application.

Microsoft and Google are on board supporting this technology however Apple remains dragging its heels about the adoption of change in technology which as pointed out, will question their ability to gain wider traction.

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Original article by: Owen Williams