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TimberSmart Ltd has a strong belief that no entity is an island; rather all members of the timber industry comprise part of the industry supply chain. TimberSmart participates in on-line commerce growth story through related entities – Vesta eCommerce and VTH. At this stage, we have three on-line products

• A comprehensive online timber and hardware store www.vth.co.nz

•An on-line ordering system for trades people which enables orders to be placed electronically through to their timber and hardware supplier. This is based on readily used devices such as tablets or smart phones

• An on-line purchasing system between timber producers and their customers which enables the customers to place their order electronically. These orders can be placed via desktop systems or using tablets or smart phones.


VTH (Virtual Timber and Hardware) is a division of TimberSmart Ltd which has been established for the express purpose of meeting the eBusiness requirements of the timber and hardware supply chain. Please click on the link below for more details.



Vesta provides a platform where you can collaborate with your suppliers in maintaining a “live” product database that is updated in real time.

pull data from hundreds of feeds to one central location

  • Images, Product Details, Safety specifications, Dimensions, Pricing , the list goes on
  • Instant updates of changes, additions or product discontinuation

Instant updates of changes, additions or product discontinuation

for more information about Vesta eCommerce click the link below

Vesta eCommerce



TimberXchange dashboard

Do you want to get a quick and easy insights into your TimberXchange transactions? The graphic above shows the views which can be available to you.

If the answer is yes please contact us.




Have you ever thought how much information that is keyed into your management system may have been previously input into another system? Chances are very high that it has.

The TimberXchange (TX) has been developed to do away with multiple keying of the same data. Essentially the TimberXchange electronically transforms and translates the data from the sending system to that required for the receiving system. In conjunction with commonly available electronic communication technologies, the TimberXchange enables data to be sent from one system and imported quickly into the receiving system.

The benefits of using the TimberXchange include:

  • Cement strategic alliances with your customers.
  • Offer your customers documents in any format they require.
  • Map your codes to the master list.
  • This allows TX to convert a document from the senders codes to the receivers codes.
  • Eliminates postage and handling.
  • Eliminates data entry costs
  • Integrates seamlessly with TimberSmart via TimberSmart Document Transfer.
  • Interfaces with other systems can be built by your application supplier.
  • View any document sent through TX and check for, tix and resubmit documents with errors.
  • Set business rules such as only accepting timber that has been ordered through TX.


TimberSmart Document Transfer

TimberSmart Document Transfer (TDT) is a means at linking your TimberSmart System electronically with suppliers, customers and other business partners. The main feature of TDT is the link to the TimberXchange.

Send Purchase Orders, Invoices and Despatches and receive incoming stock to/from any other member at the TimberXchange.

In addition TDT allows you to send any of these documents directly to your business partner in report format via e mail.


  • Cement strategic alliances with your customers.
  • Send documents to business partners either through the TimberXchange or direct via email.
  • Eliminate postage and handling.
  • Eliminate data entry costs for your customers.
  • Despatch Dockets.
  • Invoices Purchase Orders for TDT users that are registered with the TimberXchange
  • offer your customers documents in any format they require.
  • Receive Purchase Orders and automatically create Sales Orders.
  • Receive dispatches
  • and automatically create stock Receipts.
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