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The sawmilling solution follows the flow of the timber through the mill. It begins with log inventory, flows through the primary cutting processes and ends in the production of sawn timber at the bin sorter or on the green table. The system then tracks and accumulates costs associated with the pack(et)s of timber as they pass through the subsequent processes such as treatment, kiln drying, and perhaps some form of planning (dressing). A fundamental differentiator of TimberSmart, compared to standard production systems, is the manner by which timber is tracked through processes which destroy the make-up of the ingoing pack(et). TimberSmart also enables timber available for sale to be identified and allocated to customers with relevant information including quantity, price, and timing. The system enables the despatcher to plan loads, advise carriers about loads, and prepare buyer generated invoices. Invoices are generated from within TimberSmart and can be printed, emailed, or sent by electronic transfer systems such as TimberXchange. The system has comprehensive querying and reporting capability.



TimberXchange dashboard

Do you want to get a quick and easy insights into your TimberXchange transactions? The graphic above shows the views which can be available to you.

If the answer is yes please contact us.



TimberSmart Inventory Management

The TimberSmart is an information management system developed for the timber industry by a team with a unique combination of timber industry knowledge, database development skills, project management and managing consulting skills.

TimberSmart has been specifically developed for the timber industry. It is a not standard manufacturing package that has been modified or compromised to fit the peculiarities of the timber industry.

The TimberSmart system is future proofed. It has been designed as a base system to which optional modules may be added.

Standard Features:

  • Sawmill Production.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Sales Orders.
  • Dispatches.
  • Invoicing.
  • Export Documentation.
  • Integration with EDI engine(TimberXchange)
  • Reporting-Reporting group by inventory, Production, Orders, Planning, Sales and Stocktake & Historical.


Have you ever thought how much information that is keyed into your management system may have been previously input into another system? Chances are very high that it has.

The TimberXchange (TX) has been developed to do away with multiple keying of the same data. Essentially the TimberXchange electronically transforms and translates the data from the sending system to that required for the receiving system. In conjunction with commonly available electronic communication technologies, the TimberXchange enables data to be sent from one system and imported quickly into the receiving system.

The benefits of using the TimberXchange include:

  • Cement strategic alliances with your customers.
  • Offer your customers documents in any format they require.
  • Map your codes to the master list.
  • This allows TX to convert a document from the senders codes to the receivers codes.
  • Eliminates postage and handling.
  • Eliminates data entry costs
  • Integrates seamlessly with TimberSmart via TimberSmart Document Transfer.
  • Interfaces with other systems can be built by your application supplier.
  • View any document sent through TX and check for, tix and resubmit documents with errors.
  • Set business rules such as only accepting timber that has been ordered through TX.


TimberSmart Document Transfer

TimberSmart Document Transfer (TDT) is a means at linking your TimberSmart System electronically with suppliers, customers and other business partners. The main feature of TDT is the link to the TimberXchange.

Send Purchase Orders, Invoices and Despatches and receive incoming stock to/from any other member at the TimberXchange.

In addition TDT allows you to send any of these documents directly to your business partner in report format via e mail.


  • Cement strategic alliances with your customers.
  • Send documents to business partners either through the TimberXchange or direct via email.
  • Eliminate postage and handling.
  • Eliminate data entry costs for your customers.
  • Despatch Dockets.
  • Invoices Purchase Orders for TDT users that are registered with the TimberXchange
  • offer your customers documents in any format they require.
  • Receive Purchase Orders and automatically create Sales Orders.
  • Receive dispatches
  • and automatically create stock Receipts.

Drone Stocktake

Drone stocktake is currently under development as part of TimberSmart’s ongoing technical innovation programme.

It combines recent advances in drone technology with Timbersmart software which isolates barcodes in the video frames, transcodes them, and reads the barcode numbers into a database. This is similar to current handheld scanning, the difference in this case is that the scanner(drone) can be removed from the person doing the scanning.

Benefits of this approach are evident in situations where there are safety concersn e.g. pack stability, or where there are issues with height. An associated advantage of this approach is that in addition to recording barcodes numbers, an image of the the actual label can be recorded. This could be beneficial for auditing purposes.

Future enhancements in this space include deployment on smaller and quieter drones, and development of drone based RFID tag/label scanning.

Business Intelligence

Information Discovery and Visualisation

Looking forgreater insight into your business-a data analysis and display tool which complements MS Excel? If yes, and you have a SQL database, you could be a candidate for Power BI(BI).

BI can look into the TS database only, or has the potential to draw data from several databases at the same time.

Output can reflect KPI’s relevant to your business and can be displayed in a range of formats- as shown in the graphic above.

TimberSmart Ltd has experience with your data structure and BI. If you would like to discuss how to get more information from your data get in touch.

Handheld Stocktake

The TimberSmart Handheld Stocktake System is a valuable addition to the TimberSmart inventory Management system. There are two options; using a handheld computer with built in near far scanning engine, or using a tablet linked to a Bluetooth scanner. In the former, current stocks are updated from the TimberSmart inventory management system to the handheld device which allows stocks to be checked during physical stocktake. The handheld is linked back to the TS system either by WIFI connection or by docking. In the latter the tablet can either be linked live to the TS database or it can be docked when reliable WIFI is not available.


  • Full system stocks uploaded to the handheld.
  • Full stocktakes or stocktake by location, grade or any packet attribute.
  • Recounts per location and row.
  • Reduction of error as there is no need to collate and re-enter data in TimberSmart.
  • Scan or enter packet numbers.
  • Fast transfer of data once recorded.

Log Inventory

The TimberSmart Log Inventory System is a comprehensive application which enables sawmill or similar log purchasing business to manage log supply and inventory.


  • Enter Supply Agreements with suppliers and track the deliveries made for each agreement.
  • Track daily processes such as log receipts, rejects and mill usage information.
  • Extensive inquiries and reporting are available as well as data exports to other reporting and analysis tools, for example Microsoft Excel.
  • Perform periodic processes such as quality sampling, stocktaking and supplier invoice generation.

Packet Recorder

Data Automation

The TimberSmart Packet Recorder is a valuable addition to the TimberSmart Inventory Management system. It allows the creation, deletion or GCS change of a packet anywhere in the yard- data automation. If a label printer is connected then customised bar-coded labels are then printed immediately. Automatic or batch update to the TimberSmart inventory Management system then ensures physical packet labels will match information held in the stock system. Packet recorder will work with connected terminals, touch screens and PLC’s in the yard. Additional Handheld products are also available. Packet recorder reduces data entry lag time, improves accuracy and gives data ownership to work centres.


  • Simplified data entry screens for users.
  • Restrict each user to selected works orders from TimberSmart to ensure only valid movements and products are created.
  • Customised Bar-coded labels (if connected to a label printer).
  • Designed to work with touch screens.
  • Interface to PLC’s (provided the PLC can provide the correct format).
  • Integration to other TimberSmart Handheld Data Capture products
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