Our story


The sawmilling solution follows the flow of the timber through the mill. It begins with log inventory, flows through the primary cutting processes and ends in the production of sawn timber at the bin sorter or on the green table. The system then tracks and accumulates costs associated with the pack(et)s of timber as they pass through the subsequent processes such as treatment, kiln drying, and perhaps some form of planning (dressing). A fundamental differentiator of TimberSmart, compared to standard production systems, is the manner by which timber is tracked through processes which destroy the make-up of the ingoing pack(et). TimberSmart also enables timber available for sale to be identified and allocated to customers with relevant information including quantity, price, and timing. The system enables the despatcher to plan loads, advise carriers about loads, and prepare buyer generated invoices. Invoices are generated from within TimberSmart and can be printed, emailed, or sent by electronic transfer systems such as TimberXchange. The system has comprehensive querying and reporting capability.