Order Fulfilment/Shipping Logistics


Store your bookings in our system to view, manage and allow further features of the application to use the data from your bookings to help you manage the dispatch orders.


Match orders containers and bookings to create voyages.

Container order/management

Our system has a whole feature dedicated to the management of containers within your organisation.

Customised packing plan to fulfil orders

COur packing plan aligns the processes needed to fulfil a sales agreement, and provides simple instructions for each department of the crew to send the shipments out. Essentially what the packing plan does is align the following aspects of exporting logs: -sales agreement -stock -container -Date -which log bed​​


As soon as the logs have been scaled, the system will display the exact cost of each log sitting in the yard.


the system is built on a cloud platform, so all operations can be monitored from anywhere realtime.