Stay in touch with remote meetings

You are now entering week 2 of lockdown. As well as being personally isolated you may also be feeling isolated from your business colleagues. If you are trying to stay in touch with work colleagues you might be using the traditional methods of email and phone. These are highly effective but are not the complete communications answer. If you haven’t already made the move, you might also want to think about utilising one of the many video conference platforms with which to engage your colleagues. The original player in this space was Skype, which largely did a good job, however since then there has been a large number of new entries into the arena. Some of these new players include Google meetings, Duo, Facetime, whatsapp, Microsoft Teams and more …

At TimberSmart we use Joinme for product demonstrations and Zoom for meetings among ourselves. We find these video conferences are excellent to maintain the feel of a shared workspace – even though it is a virtual experience.

We have decided to use Zoom for its professional and easy to use experience, high quality video conferencing with very little hassle.

Lets get you started

Whatever platform you choose, if you want to make the move and need some support, TimberSmart is happy to assist you to get your organisation effortlessly and remotely collaborating on online.

If you decide to proceed with Zoom, you can get started in a matter of a few minutes by following this guide:
If you get stuck feel free to get in touch with us so that we can assist you with setting this up.

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