Drone Stocktake

Drone Stocktake

Drone stocktake is currently under development as part of TimberSmart’s ongoing technical innovation programme.

It combines recent advances in drone technology with Timbersmart software which isolates barcodes in the video frames, transcodes them, and reads the barcode numbers into a database. This is similar to current handheld scanning, the difference in this case is that the scanner(drone) can be removed from the person doing the scanning.

Benefits of this approach are evident in situations where there are safety concersn e.g. pack stability, or where there are issues with height. An associated advantage of this approach is that in addition to recording barcodes numbers, an image of the the actual label can be recorded. This could be beneficial for auditing purposes.

Future enhancements in this space include deployment on smaller and quieter drones, and development of drone based RFID tag/label scanning.

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